Here are some testimonials from our partners

About 5 years ago when the contracts were coming in one after the other and I did not see the time to get out, I called on Ro-Bois-Tic to help me out. go out and since then I never stopped doing business with them! 

Charles Croteau, President

L’Établi Atelier d’Ébénisterie

We urgently needed machining capacity in a project that was behind schedule. There was a stake for the delivery.

Patrice Côté, Director of Operations

Dalcon inc (Division of Groupe Dallaire)

I have tried it before. I was satisfied and decided to transfer my entire production to Roboistic. This allows me to reduce the staff of my company and avoid the headaches due to the difficulty of finding manpower.

Dany Boutet, President

Construction Boutet inc.

A production surplus has led us to seek solutions to increase our capacity without investing internally. We had visited the Roboistic company during an open house and the idea of ​​doing business together came to us at that time.
Guillaume Allaire, Plant Manager

Ébénisterie 2000_American cabinet

I was looking for a subcontractor able to put into production quickly with or without volume.

David Sénéchal, President

Mobili cuisine & salle de bain

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By outsourcing the cabinets cutting, you can increase your number of customers and benefit from more free time. This will allow you to focus on the more important tasks that require your expertise. In addition, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You avoid investing in complex machinery
  • You increase the value of your business
  • You save time
  • You increase your income
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frequently asked Questions


Q: What response time can I expect to get the orders placed?

R: When the required validations of the order to be produced are completed and the material for the finishing panels is on its way to the factory, it takes 5 working days for production and a few additional days for collection and transport to your facilities .


Q: There are ups and downs in a year, how can I be reassured that the available capacity will not impact the normal production lead time for my orders?

R: We have used capacity that can be doubled to 24 hours notice, to deal with a rapid and sudden increase in orders for any given week. Even when this capacity is doubled in 24 hours, a reserve of 50% of this capacity remains intact and always available for use in the medium and long term by adding three (3) other professionals to our team already in place.

This flexibility is possible thanks to our unique robotics-based production method.

Technical specifications

Q: A kitchen includes a large number of details to obtain a quick assembly and a rendering as requested, what is the risk of having shortcomings and loss of efficiency in the technical specifications?

R: The use of the WEB-CAB platform makes it possible to scan at the start of the process, all the specifications, dimensions and models of cabinets requested. Then, we have planned a safety net that allows a final validation before starting the cutting. Our success rate in this area is close to 100% and protects us from non-compliance with the technical specifications attached to your order.


Q:  When I decide to have some or all of my kitchen cabinet frames manufactured, I need to know if the prices will be stable and predictable over time, how can I be reassured?

R: For each order placed in WEB-CAB, the price structure in place already takes into account the models and dimensions of the cabinets, as well as the complexity or ease of producing certain components (machining, edge, studs for example). These prices do not vary more than the evolution of prices in the market. They are therefore stable and predictable. 


 Q:  What level of availability can I expect to get my questions answered and to ensure that my projects are not slowed down?

RWe are in a world of speed on the required deadlines. Needs are constantly changing and working with external strategic partners requires effective communication at all times of the week. For this reason, we operate in close collaboration with your appointed distributor and only one person is responsible for your daily account, access is immediate as much with the distributor from day to week, as with Roboistic outside normal hours, as either by phone, text or email.


Q:  When starting a new collaboration, I understand that starting adjustments are necessary and that it takes more care to start well together. However, how does the follow-up order fulfillment process work, in the sense of making my life easier, not complicating it?

R: First, an order for 15 cabinets entered in WEB-CAB can be done at any time that suits you, it usually only takes 30 to 45 minutes. Then the final validation before material optimization is done in less than 15 minutes when it suits you. In the end, you receive your pallet filled with your cabinets that you just have to assemble when it suits you. Allow 3 to 6 hours on average for this step.

For the rest, there are only the special cabinets that you have kept and the installation of the doors and the project at the customer.


QWhen I receive my order and complete my assembly, will it be okay? From time to time, are there variations in quality or products that do not meet stable and predictable criteria?

RIn the factory, we work with the best equipment in the industry, whether for cutting, edge or dowelling. In addition, robotics eliminates the risk of error in the right parts attached to the right cabinets. Our manufacturing processes can count on nearly 8 years of accumulated expertise. A quality system is in place and monitored. Rigorous maintenance schedules and safe and environmentally friendly work methods are among the means used to obtain superior results and which generally exceed the expectations of our regular customers.


QOur customers often ask us for products (materials, doors, hardware) that a single distributor cannot always count in the lines they sell, will I always be forced to take these products from one place?

RThe only material imposed in this program is the white used for the manufacture of the cabinets. In 95% of the cases, we will not put up constraints to fulfill your order with the products you wish to use. Your assigned distributor can guide you through the process to include these in your submitted quote.

Continuous improvement

QThe market changes, as do the manufacturing methods, materials and requirements forced by stronger competition. What value does continuous improvement represent within Roboistic to ensure that everything is in place to strengthen the processes that ensure that we always strive for excellence?

RBecause our manufacturing technology is 100% programmable, we have an unmatched advantage in implementing sustainable solutions when opportunities for improvement arise. Only a very small number of people are involved in our best practices and these professionals are sensitive and trained in this philosophy, the purpose of which is to meet and exceed client expectations.