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RMC has the capacity to serve both SMEs and companies with very large projects to carry out. Contact us to tell us about your needs and we will be able to support you!


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Your guarantee of quality is our guarantee for the future. Each of the components that we transform for you will be delivered ready to assemble with perfect compliance with the drawing you have submitted to us.

The batches of components produced will be grouped together by cabinet (kitchen cabinet) and storage (office furniture) on a pallet in order to facilitate your factory work and minimize the time required for the pre-assembly of your furniture.

A 100% robotic cell allows us to produce components without direct handling, thus minimizing the risk of generating visible defects on them.

If, despite this, components must be remanufactured again, everything will be done to ensure that they are reproduced as soon as possible.

This is what our Roboistic Satisfaction Guarantee is all about, which no competitor can match in the market.

Bastien Larouche MBA

Chairman - CEO

Why adopt the RMC formula

When I wonder who will be my partner to make my cabinets, I choose Roboistic without hesitation, because they live up to the importance I place to :


He is my most important supplier. It is the base of my chain and allows me to concentrate on something other than machining


the ability to produce on time.

Technical specifications

compliance with technical specifications.


availability to meet my needs.


at stable and predictable prices with each order.


not to be subjected to constraints of material, hardware or doors.


the ease of doing business and starting a project.

Continuous improvement

continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.


to the general quality of the cabinets assembled in my workshop