You are a designer-manufacturer-installer of kitchen cabinets and We are a manufacturer of custom cabinets delivered ready to assemble by your teams,
with very little training needed.
Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with a 100% robotic manufacturing process, will give you a unique and unmatched advantage in our industry, which requires all your creativity and your know-how to set you apart from the competition.
»  Notre Efficacité au service de votre Passion »

Save time

Receive your turnkey project ready to assemble.

Customized cabinets

We offer most cabinet models fully configurable according to your choice.

Your choice of materials

We do not limit your choices of colors and panels.



No longer worry about refusing contracts for lack of resources. We offer you a subcontracting program on request. 



With a reliable supplier and accurate, efficient technology, you'll get the quality you deserve, at a low cost.



Our program lets you place orders intuitively with just a few clicks.

100% automated production

Tell us about your project

Roboistic Cabinets Manufacturer

RMC is proud to support Quebec cabinetmaking entrepreneurs since 2012


“About 5 years ago when contracts were coming in one after the other and I didn't see the time to get out of it, I called on Ro-Bois-Tic to help me get out of it and since then I have never stopped doing business with them! ”

Charles Croteau, President

L’Établi Atelier d’Ébénisterie

"I made great boxes, but the first time I visited the Roboistic factory I was amazed at the quality of their products, I highly recommend them."

Dany Boutet, President

Construction Boutet inc.

A production surplus has led us to seek solutions to increase our capacity without investing internally. We had visited the Roboistic company during an open house and the idea of ​​doing business together came to us at that time.

Guillaume Allaire, Plant Manager

Ébénisterie 2000_American cabinet

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